Artist's Statement

I came into this world an artist. Through connection with self and source, I align with intuition. Through this alignment I find a flow, stimulating and simultaneously cathartic.

No matter the medium, it’s a moving meditation.

Creative Domain

Since 1995 I have held an artistic balance between two worlds: the world of art and the creative domain of corporate America. I have been a painter, designer and illustrator. But I've also mastered project management, a corporate art/design consulting, and led a PR firm as its vice president of operations.

Through this multifaceted path, I utilize the power of creativity to sculpt life. Within every task, my mantra is, “this is my art right now.”

Looking Forward

I am focused on creating nature sculptures throughout the world, independently and via group builds. I have a deep passion for nature and find great joy in working in community. I will continue to paint, design, dream and to grow. I believe specialization is for ants and as long as I am here in this body, I will follow my heart and the breadcrumbs that always lead somewhere interesting. I look forward to this journey with you.

Artist Bio

I grew up in Atlanta, GA where I studied fine art at Lagrange College and GA State University. Early on, I was drawn to mixed medium sculpture. Post-college, I developed a broad practice in the design and execution of large-scale murals, which led to large commissions over several years for the corporate office of Mellow Mushroom, the art-branded national restaurant franchise.

In 2002, I was recruited to manage an art gallery in Asheville, NC. In 2005, I joined Sensible City, a global public relations firm, as its Vice President. These roles were instrumental in establishing a balance between the world of art and the corporate realm.

In 2011, I started my first company, Senn City Studio. Here I learned about large scale fabrication, installation and project management. In 2014, I put Senn City on pause after being recruited back to where it all began: the Mellow Mushroom Corporation. For the next four years I would curate, design and install art installations for countless restaurants across the country.

In 2016, I recognized that the heavy workload and weekly flights across the country were taking their toll on my health and well-being. Although the rewards were many, I was burnt out and ready for a change.

Turning Point

In 2016, I signed up for a visionary art workshop with Allyson and Alex Grey at Omega in NY. I spent a week with them and a group of individuals, taking a deep dive into the basics of visionary art.

Each day of the workshop we had the opportunity to participate in live figure drawing, with a focus on a particular chakra point, moving up the body from root to crown. When we got to the solar plexus chakra something happened in me. I began to cry...uncontrollably. So much I had to excuse myself from class. It was not necessarily sadness, but more an awakening. I was remembering who I was and simultaneously grieving for a loss I had not known I had til that moment.

One year later, I left my corporate job for a walk in the be continued.

@Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
Wappinger Falls, NY

Westminster, SC

@Harmony Farms
Buckhead, GA

@Growing Heart Farms
Pawling, NY

@Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
Wappinger Falls, NY

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