@Hulaween Festival

Live Oak, Florida
Height: 12 ft
Build Type: Transport + Assembly
Sculpture #6

Persephone is known as Queen of the Underworld. Daughter of Zeus and Demeter (goddess of the grain), she was kidnapped by Hades when she was a young maiden and taken to the underworld. There, he famously fed her pomegranate seeds and made her his bride. But that is the short version... [more]


Persephone may be known as a dark goddess, but she is just as much light. Her journey into the underworld represents the natural cycles in women’s lives. She reminds us that we are always moving from birth to death to rebirth. Her “showing up” at this time in history, in this body of work, is timely and prudent. She invites you to take her hand and face your shadows and in the same invitation, brings you back into your light.

Working with Persephone’s archetype, I found myself exploring where, in my life, I have shown up as the maiden in distress hoping to be rescued. Building her has prompted me to ask, “How do I step fully into my 'Queen’? Where have I suppressed my own sovereignty, sexuality and creative power?”

Persephone has held the torch behind me, casting my shadow in plain sight. What I have seen cannot be unseen and with every realization, another step is taken towards my own personal rebirth.

Persephone was built by a team of 4 over 10 days, in October of 2021. After her construction in Maysville, GA, she was transported to Live Oak, Florida for the Hulaween 2021 Festival in Suwannee. After the event, she was deconstructed and prepared for her next scheduled appearance in 2022. (stay tuned)

Persephone is made from tulip poplar, oak, privet, antlers, a raven's skull (on her headdress), and a spinal bone from a water buffalo. Her adornment includes saw palmetto, dog fennel, Spanish moss, and a few unidentified bits flora, from the grounds in Live Oak.

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