land sculpture by Amy Senn

COSM: Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

Wappingers Falls, NY
Height: 9’11”
Build Days: 10
Sculpture #2

Minerva is the first of two goddesses built on the grounds of CoSM, a 40 + acre property off the Hudson River, founded by Visionary Artists Alex and Allyson Grey. CoSM is a sanctuary for seeing ourselves, the world, and our cosmos as reflections of the Divine. The property hosts guests from around the world and has a unique focus on the visionary arts.


During my first visit, I took a walk on the Wisdom Trail and came across a sculpture called Divine Man by John Shook. It called forth something in me I had never felt, a deep inspiration to co-create with nature. John's sculpture led me to create Lilith and when the opportunity arose to share pictures of her with Alex and Allyson at an event a year later, I was invited to create a sculpture at CoSM. Nine months later, Minerva was born.

She represents the application of intellect to everyday tasks and as the archetype of wisdom was accredited with inventing spinning, weaving, numbers, and music. Her name came to us about a third of the way into the build. No one on the team was familiar with her until after the name made itself known. Most every sculpture to date has the same story of an archetype making itself known which is in complete alignment with either the land itself or the people co-creating, often it is both.

She is made of sweet birch, oak, pine, the sacrum skeleton of a ram, deer antlers and locust bark. At her feet is a basket which holds intentions and wishes written on rocks, allowing passersby the opportunity to engage with her magick.

@Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
Wappinger Falls, NY

Westminster, SC

@Harmony Farms
Buckhead, GA

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Pawling, NY

@Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
Wappinger Falls, NY